Sunday, 21 April 2013

Lennon Suit

I don't believe I have ever read that Lennon wore the same suit in two movies.  I was looking at his suit in the Magical Mystery Tour and realised that he wore that in the start of the Dick Lester movie from 1966 'How I Won the War' from memory it was the start of the film where the newly recruited soldiers were lined up in a yard.  I can't find a colour version of the suit in that movie, and I'm happy if proven wrong - I know it's not important but in these days of everything being noted and pulled apart I thought it strange that I've never read this.

If anyone knows any different then please let us know.

Get those Beatle books out.

Love and Peace.

Big Al

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  1. Thanks for this bit of trivia Big Al - good to have you aboard the Eckerslike blog train.