Thursday, 23 May 2013

Old Fruit Bags

I bought these at the auto-jumble in Llandudno over the Victorian Extravaganza weekend.  The weather was awful that day we went round the vintage vehicles just outside of town so we didn't stay as long as we hoped. We didn't see much of the old cars or motorbikes.  The rows and rows of chugging stationary engines are always fun to watch and it  amuses me ( and Hazel too ) how the owners sit very proudly behind them in their deckchairs - getting up occasionally to adjust a valve or pour water into a tank or tinker in some way.   The auto jumble is the most fun part for me - rummaging through piles of junk, mostly car parts, but also antiques of various kinds. Things you would never expect - like these packets pf old fruit bags from some dusty corner of a warehouse recently discovered  and bundled up to sell off cheap.  Well, not that cheap - the label said £5  but I got them for £3 - about 50p a bag.

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